The Wondrous Tails..

By on 29 March 2021

Once upon a time (well… last week), in a Galaxy far far away (Omega, Chaos).. we hosted our first ever – Art Party! And let us tell you – it […]

Stay Awhile & Listen

By on 20 July 2020

Let me tell you tale, of a courageous group called The Umbrals. They had been challenged by an evil force. An evil force that uses… Paper Birds?? Enter the Idol […]

Aether In Summer

By on 20 July 2020

Lock down or not summer in Eorzea is certainly in full swing, and we asked our wonderful members to show us how they, like to enjoy this time of year. […]

Mr. & Mrs. Time

By on 16 April 2020

On the 31th of March it´s been one year already since Doobie and Yuki Time got married in game. Fun fact: they have been married longer in game, than they […]

Olyna Fey - Sun's Out, Bun's Out

Aether In Spring

By on 4 April 2020

To celebrate the coming of spring (and our BRAND NEW Twitter and Instagram accounts) Aetherscape decided to host a screenshot challenge where we asked our members to show us what […]

A Home at Night can Cause Quite a Fright

By on 1 April 2020

Aetherscape has an amazing Free-Company house in the heart of the mists on Omega sever at ward 3, plot 5. It’s a creative, stylish home that was crafted by our […]