Celestial Static

By on 15 April 2020

Alice Iahe

I'm a Bard!

Ahhh-hhmmmmmmm.... #kermit

Trevor Belmondo

Trevor Belmondo was exiled because of his mixed reindeer/hyur looks. He then heard of Eorzea, a mythical place full of cat people, potatoes and dragons. Thus, he crossed the frozen seas in search of a new home.

Today Trevor is an adventurer of few words, but he still does his best to spread cheers and wonder. Because in his mind, "It's always Christmas in Eorzea".

Ark Ragnara

A kind hearted and mostly silent Au Ra who usually keeps to himself, but if push comes to shove he can't help it but to encourage his group and starts the battle with an energetic 


Sou Shi

Embracing the Warrior of Darkness within.
Permanent Chaos Resident.
Helping Sprouts in need and leading Celestials to victory in Savage!

She will also Elmo on fire everything in her way

Miu Kaze

A young Fox Ra (yes: half Au Ra, half magical fox) that loves to go on adventures! After the last epic battle with the mistress of light and ice, Shiva, her group split up.
Yet she joined a new group of friends to fight the forces of evil again.
With her Chakrams sharpened she dance to the beat of the fight, awaken unknown powers in her friends so they can banish the evil once and for all!

Totoka Toka

"I'll try and figure out a bio by tomorrow"

Y'nami Amano


Flo Kie

Delivers ear wiggles

Will fall off platforms when AoE's are delivered

Glam game on point

Rezmage on booty duty