A Home at Night can Cause Quite a Fright

By on 1 April 2020

Aetherscape has an amazing Free-Company house in the heart of the mists on Omega sever at ward 3, plot 5.
It’s a creative, stylish home that was crafted by our wonderful FC members.

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour as we go from room to room.

The Facade

We will start with the garden and front of the house. We are currently using the Half-timbered mission walls this gives the house a very old aesthetic.

The HallwayA magical entry point splitting off into four location that connect the house to all zones that changes with events.

The Reception (The Left hand Wing)

The reception is the place to do all your daily needs. Fixing your gear, buying or selling, or just changing your look? With a stylish front the reception offers everything you need in one spot.

The Living Room (The Right hand Wing)
The living room is a lovely spot in the house to chill and talk to your fellow FC friends or any guests you have over. The sound of running water and all the extra oxygen from the lovely plants in this room will leave you feeling 100% refreshed and alive…too bad its in game.

The Upstairs Hallway

Claim dominance in the upstairs hallway as you over look all the other FC members down below!
The upstairs hallwayhas a wide range selection of art work of Erozia on the walls for your enjoyment.
(Don’t Touch The Art)

The Grand Library (Upstairs Right Wing)
The Upstairs Right Wing is a big library that offers a wide selection of books that you wish you can read. Oh well, at least the house maid is there to serve you tea!

The Ground Study and Guild Meeting Room (Upstairs Left Wing)
We hold meetings here and its got a lot of gold. Talk about “fancy”!

The Basement (The Heart of the FC)
The Basement is the living breathing heart of the FC. Located downstairs on the left wing of the house it’s where you’ll want to head for any of our parties. Post wedding, spooky stories, and competition results, you know what they say, any excuse for a party! Come join us down here and see what you can win and become a part of.

Thank you for stopping by we hope to see you soon and I hope you liked this tour come see us soon and sign your name in our guest book <3.