The Wondrous Tails..

By on 29 March 2021

Once upon a time (well… last week), in a Galaxy far far away (Omega, Chaos).. we hosted our first ever – Art Party!

And let us tell you – it was an absolute blast!

But, before we indulge you.. What is an art party you ask?

Art parties are not new, but they’re also not that old – it’s a gathering of people from all around the server, in a specific spot (personal or FC house), dressed up in accordance to a theme the host has come up with. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough – you might just see a screenshot posted of your toon and the party you’re attending as well as possible drawings! We can only showcase a limited few on this article, but you can head to twitter with these hashtags to see all the screenshots and art -> #chaosartparty #aetherscape

Aetherscape’s theme of the night was: Fantastic Fairy Tales!

The officer team started working very hard to redecorate the FC house and prepare the best looking party they could for all of our entertainment. It took literal weeks to make all of this happen – but boy, was it all worth the wait!

People from all over the Chaos DC started pouring into the garden of our house (Omega, Mist, Ward 3, Plot 5), dressed as all kinds of creatures! We had Princesses and Princes, Kings and Queens. Fairies, werewolves, knights and dragons. Angels, demons, witches and wizards! Dark Soul boss lookalikes, and some red riding hoods even decided to brave the wicked wolves!

Once the clock struck 7 ST, instead of turning into pumpkins (seeing as it’s a tad too early) – everyone entered the walls of Aetherscape’s mansion and ventured into the basement. Now, the real fun had begun! Everyone scattered, whether to the icy platforms on the main scene, the cozy tables with lots of wonderful food, or to the bar – and started to mingle and dance.

We’ve seen Snow White eating apples (oh dear, will she ever learn?!), werewolves chasing around little Lalafells, ninja ghosts dancing on tables and more excitingly: have you ever seen not one, but TWO Beasts fighting over not one but TWO Belles? Now, we have seen it all! (Or…have we?) Even Gaston was impressed.

Aetherscape even managed to play a little game of ‘Where’s Wally’ – seeing as one of our own members decided to come and craft all over the place. Each time we turned – she was in a different spot!

The socializing and gposing part took hours on end and after a while, the crowd was smaller.

Some still danced, some stuck to the walls, whilst others decided to see ‘how many people can you fit into a vase’ (the answer was: 6… if not more).

And in that moment, a little, blue miracle stole all of our hearts. A Lalafell Elsa graced us all with her presence. The last of the party circled and gathered around her. Watching. Listening. Patting. All of them were charmed and felt like they were dreaming… Slowly, the music was fading, lights were dimming and we all asked Mister Sandman to send us a dream…

The turnout was absolutely amazing. We don’t recall seeing so many beautiful people in one place, all fitting into a fantastic fairy tale setting. It definitely was a night to remember.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all who participated and we hope to see you all in the future, for more of our Wondrous Tails.