Astral Static

By on 9 April 2020


Hiks streams on Twitch so join in here!

Rogvarr Wolfstride

Rogvarr Wolfstride. User and lover of dad jokes and puns, collects shiny axes. Getting angry at the slightest uptime loss, screwing his rotation or after screwing up a mechanic... which is why he mains Warrior!!

To 'inner release' his anger... to maintain an 'equilibrium'... since he can't 'shake it off'... are these puns starting to 'infuriate' you...

Genesis Sharpe

Following a brief, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt at playing Ninja, Genesis Sharpe returns to his rightful position getting hit in the face by the big, scary, mean thing 

Enrei Ume


Raisin Bunns

Next thing we're touching
You look at me it's like you hit me with lightning
Ah Oh, everybody's starry eyed
And everybody goes
Oh, everybody's starry eyed

Aina Silveroak
Red Mage

Exclaims when messing up in colourful ways and she promises to remember to summon her Carbuncle! 

Hiks Silvermoon

Hikari Silvermoon has always tried to set a good example for her little sister Kasumi, but now following Kasumis entry into savage raiding Hikari has had to set up her game in a desperate attempt to keep those she loves safe

With the help of Astral hopefully Hikari can make it in time! 

Rosalyan Kyprosa

Back flips off the side when the pull starts but always tanks the floor well.

White Snow

Will mesmerize you with her dance... Maybe...