Aether In Summer

By on 20 July 2020

Lock down or not summer in Eorzea is certainly in full swing, and we asked our wonderful members to show us how they, like to enjoy this time of year. And boy oh boy they did not disappoint!

As you can see a truly amazing set of entries that left the officer team with quite the difficult job of narrowing down our winner. But after much deliberation, heart ache and a little bit of name calling narrow it down they did! So without any further ado I am pleased to announce….

Our joint 3rd place winners Enrei Ume with “Skipping Practice” an alternative take on the life of a Savage Raider

And Trevor Belmondo with “Summer Time” once again showing us some fantastic colours and a fabulous glam!

Our 2nd place winner was Blaine Fishgebind with “Hot Summer Days” The FC power couple of Blaine and Lily enjoy a relax splash on the beach outside our house

And of course, our WINNER! 1st place goes to Lalana Yozora with her entertaining take on “Jaws” With her and her husband in the FC we get treated to some top quality photos like this all the time

Another fantastic photo competition, and a huge thank you to all the entries! Now get your thinking caps on because Aether In Autumn is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for that one!