Officer Team

By on 4 April 2020

Aina Silveroak
Aether Champion

She love doing maps with the FC, hanging out with people and back flipping off edges with Astral Static. She might also have a minor glamour addiction...

Hiks Silvermoon
Aether Defender

Some of you may be shocked to hear this but Hikari Silvermoon is THE Warrior of Light! When she’s not busy saving the world there’s nothing Hikari likes more than a nice relaxing bath back at her house ♫

Rosalyan Kyprosa
Aether Defender

Rosalyan Kyprosa, officer of Aetherscape. When not rolling poorly on loot in raids or map dungeons he likes to gather items from the diadem, in their thousands.

Mjern Krios
Aether Defender

Best cat. Meow.

Miu Ouroboros
Aether Defender

A cheerful Fox Ra that try to help wherever she can. Dancing her way through bosses with her friends or decorating houses, she try to do her best in all tasks.