High End Content

Umbral’s Path to Victory

By on 27 October 2020

Late last night, after sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears, the brave warriors of Umbral static stood triumphant as they finally banished the Ice Queen herself from our dear friend […]

Astrals Temporary Retirement

By on 7 September 2020

The time has come, after months and months of hard work and dirty jokes… Astral is hanging up their raiding hats!…  Well until the next Savage Tier comes out.As mentioned […]

Astrals Journey

By on 23 July 2020

This tier has been an interesting one for the Astral Team with some members needing to leave mid tier, for some teams this would be the end but not for […]

Stay Awhile & Listen

By on 20 July 2020

Let me tell you tale, of a courageous group called The Umbrals. They had been challenged by an evil force. An evil force that uses… Paper Birds?? Enter the Idol […]

High End Content

By on 3 April 2020

What’s better than doing end game content on your own? Doing end game content with your friends and FC family! Here at Aethherscape we are lucky to have not one, […]