Umbral’s Path to Victory

By on 27 October 2020

Late last night, after sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears, the brave warriors of Umbral static stood triumphant as they finally banished the Ice Queen herself from our dear friend Rine.

Oh what a journey its been! It simultaniously seems like it was both last week and so many years ago that I decided to start Aetherscape’s 2nd raiding static. With the help of FFXIV raiding veteran Mr Snow, I set about assembling a motley bunch of like minded people, and so our journey began!

The journey was not without it’s perils, and some brave and beloved friends were lost on the way. The memory of them pushed Umbral forward, and with the help of some new (and some not so new) faces Umbral kept pushing forward, knowing that the sweet taste of victory was within their reach!

Some members had never stepped foot in an extreme before, and yet every single person pushed hard and was able to overcome many roadblocks both IRL and in game!

Keep going Umbral! I’m so proud of every single one of you! Thank you all for letting me lead you to this victory!

Hiks ♫