On Mondays, We Do Maps

By on 15 April 2020

We don’t do this a lot, so this is like, a really big deal

That’s a big old lie! Last monday the wonderful Aetherscape members cracked open their Zonureskin Treasure Maps hoping to earn a bit of Gil, and this week was an absolute doozy, clearing the final chamber not once, not twice, but THREE times!

Sou Shi - Maps

We even got to see our lovely friends the dolls, however to save everyone their sanity all screens were pointed directly at the floor, so unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos of that!

Massive shoutout to the wonderful Sou Shi and the amazing Aina for their great photos featured in this post! Be sure to head over to their Instas and give them a follow!

See you all soon for another exciting Aetherscape update

Hiks ♫