Dream a little dream…

By on 12 April 2021

…of Spring. Oh, the wonderful, beautiful, putting-everyone-back-to-life spring is upon us! Birds chirping happily, the air is warmer, ice is slowly melting, days become longer and humanity gets a warm, fuzzy feeling in their chests. Love, ladies and gentlemen. Is in the air.

We, Aetherscape’ians – were very busy nowadays with sharing all of those zazzle feels with everyone recently.. Take a look!

Recently, we’ve had not one, not two, but THREE wedding related events! First of which was Flo & Sou vows renewal under the theme: White & Red. Aetherscape and their friends gathered and came prepared in their very cute looking glams. Ceremony was deemed a success! Not so long afterwards, one of our veteran couples, Itha & Miu – had their renewal as well. Theme of their event: Princes & Princesses.

Contrary to the previous theme, the ‘refreshed’ newlyweds had their outfits colors in more cool color of Metallic Blue, and how gorgeous they both looked! Some even say they saw Ithaniel smile but.. we cannot confirm those rumours.. (or deny them).

Last, but not least – an actual wedding took place on April 10th. The lovely Silvertongue and Prince Pibi decided to put a ring on it with a theme of: Angels & Demons. It was a very enlightening experience!

We could not have been more happy for Silver and Pibi and wish them all the best in the future endavours! And as for now, go enjoy your honeymoon you little daredevils.. :smug:

..but not only that. We, wanted to show our appreciation for all the cute couples out there. Whether you’re friends, best friends, lovers, married or just enjoy each other’s company in the game. ♥

We hope that just like flowers during spring, your relationships will blossom into something magical. Final Fantasy has proven time and again how wonderful community we can have and we are happy to be a part of it!
Thanks to all of you for making it awesome!