Zodiac Static

By on 5 April 2021


Merco Time

"Don't really know what to put there"

Leonard Castillo
Dark Knight
I'm not crying
You're crying
Silvertongue Veirnon

Sleepy, feline healer.

He joined Zodiac because they promised him plenty of sweets.

Don't talk to him until he's had his coffee.

River Ness
Glare Mage

Yeah, I raid. But it's not like I care... Stupid <,<

Cute but deadly

Wallenstein Lexington

“There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.” - Hippocrates

Work as a unit not alone.

Together we're strong, alone we're weak. Only those who realized that can move forward.

Wuph Arra

Ready for the dance with death

Wreather Leafer
It's not you, it's me
Red Mage

One of this worlds simplest pleasures is..


..seeing that Scorch crit