Ethereal Static

By on 16 May 2020

Mjern streams Ethereal’s prog. Watch him on Twitch here!

Mjern Krios
White Mage

"Finder of False Gods."

Mjern completed his deacon training in Ishgard after the death of his foster parents, but the Ishgardian Orthadox Church did not take kindly to a Keeper of the Moon within their ranks. Quickly becoming disillusioned with the theocrasy, he joined Ethereal and dedicated his life to the people of Eorzea, using his unique magical talents to track, monitor and, if necessary, dispose of the threats facing the world around him.

Mjern's Twitch Account
Webaxe Spiritfire

"Capricious Crafter."

If she can't punch it, the ever-resourceful Webaxe will try to craft something out of it. She is most often heard bemoaning why crafters aren't permitted to join in with Ul'dah's gladiatorial combat competitions, and hollering instructions to her clanmates in the heat of battle. A founding member of Ethereal, Webaxe is someone any team would be lucky to have on their side.

Veldrea Vyluna
Dark Knight

"Defiant Duellist."

After her heart was frozen during a fateful battle with the Primal Shiva, Veld was left in a state between life and death. Whilst haunting in prospect, this means that she has that rare blend of expendable and invulnerable that makes for a perfect guinea pig, and hurls herself headfirst into battle on a whim. What's the worst that can happen? One can't kill what's already dead.

Auren Aria

"Dutiful Dancer."

Samba is a valid battle style, right? Ethereal's resident dancer makes his living by frolicking into battle on a whim and collecting relics from Primals long slayed. Auren enjoys supporting his clan with interpretive dances and talking in an indecipherable accent about his previous archeological expeditions - Nothing is ever too much trouble. (Even standing in fire.)

Lenhmar Rahz

"Cautious Cleric."

Trained in the clerical arts, Lenh is a paladin of much renown. Silent but deadly, she brings a quiet sense of reassurement to Ethereal, tackling all but the most impossible of foes with a steadfast, yet approachable, level of confidence. Curious as to the dark magics affecting Veldrea, Lenhmar aids Ethereal in their mission in the hope of finding a lasting cure for her friend's affliction.

Typh Eous

"Suspicious Scholar."

After aiding Umbral in their successful attempts to quell the threat of the Sin Eater 'Eden', Ithaniel joined Ethereal as they descended deeper into Eden's core! Bringing his knowledge and dry wit to the battlefield, this Au Ra is equipped with a thirst for learning and unrivalled talent in clutch shielding. Onwards!

Nyx Ultyr
Red Mage

"Revered Ravager."

Nyx is a woman of many faces, and none can rival her ability to blend into a group without suspicion. Able to work her way into the ranks of the Elezaan, Viera forests and Lalafell patches with relative ease, Nyx displays an unrivalled talent in the 'Red Arts', demonstrating to those around her that a mage need not only excel in ranged combat. Sometimes it pays to get up close and personal.

Lachaise Eryut

"Silent Shinobi."

Born and raised in Kugane, Eri is accustomed to the hard knock life. When one of her regular fist fights resulted in the accidental death of a passerby, Eri was immediately enrolled into the Kugane Martial Academy to instil in her some discipline. When Ethereal Static reached out to the Sekiseigumi requesting a mercenary capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the strongest threats Eorzea has ever had to face, Eri sees her opportunity to finally redeem herself for her former criminal ways.