Aether in Heaven on High

By on 4 April 2020

Looking for a challenge and a small change of daily routine our members Doobie Time, Edge Storm, Hunty Apex and Yuki Time successfully conquered the floors on heaven on high […]

Olyna Fey - Sun's Out, Bun's Out

Aether In Spring

By on 4 April 2020

To celebrate the coming of spring (and our BRAND NEW Twitter and Instagram accounts) Aetherscape decided to host a screenshot challenge where we asked our members to show us what […]

High End Content

By on 3 April 2020

What’s better than doing end game content on your own? Doing end game content with your friends and FC family! Here at Aethherscape we are lucky to have not one, […]

Aetherscape’s Community

By on 3 April 2020

Aetherscape is first a foremost a friendly and inclusive FC. We aim to offer a warm and welcoming environment for everyone no matter how you choose to play the game.  […]

Casual Content

By on 3 April 2020

It doesn’t get much more casual than hanging out at the FC house with your friends or slumming it in unsynced as you make sure that everyone has their birds […]

A Home at Night can Cause Quite a Fright

By on 1 April 2020

Aetherscape has an amazing Free-Company house in the heart of the mists on Omega sever at ward 3, plot 5. It’s a creative, stylish home that was crafted by our […]

Aetherscape and the Articles

By on 31 March 2020

Hi everyone Lutra Here this is the first blog post on the FC Website so I welcome you all to this magical Place. More news is to come have a […]